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The era of technology has changed now and most of the people love to use advanced gadgets, devices, software and the applications. The AOL Inc. is one of the best telecommunication company which has been offering its superb quality services and products. Among all the amazing product AOL Desktop gold is knows as top demanding software. You can install AOL gold on your computer if you want to use it. Basically the AOL desktop is an interface by which the user can access their AOL email account easily. This software is not only limited to email, there are much more features for the users. You can see what is new in this software and what the system requirement for its consumers is.

About AOL Desktop Gold Download

  •  Language: English
  •  Version: Gold
  •  Size: 15 mb
  •  License: $4.99 USD / month (Not applicable if already paying or have subscription)
  • Developer: AOL

System Requirement to Install AOL Desktop Gold:-

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: 266 MHz or faster computer processor
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space
  • Internet: Required to download

How to download AOL desktop gold on Windows?

Key-Points of AOL desktop gold: Would you like to read the attractive features of AOL desktop gold that users face while using it? You will find amazing features those are the reason of popularity of your AOL Gold. You can update AOL desktop Gold to get these key-points on your computer. Now just have a look on the below points.

  • Enhanced security: Now the AOL desktop gold has two way verification process, means you can are more secure than earlier. This feature will help you to being compromised your account at any point.
  • Automatic updates: While using an app often people will have to manually opt for version updating. But Now AOL gold has feature of automatic update. You don’t have to take tension for updating the software.
  • Easy to use: Although the AOL desktop gold version has updated yet this is too easy to use. The options of username, password, toolbar, icons, and contacts will automatic transfer from the AOL desktop.
  • Enhanced encryption: Your every single personal information will be safe and secure on AOL desktop gold. Because it has new feature of encryption that will keep your details safe.
  • Keep your bookmark: You can save your Bookmarks on this amazing software. Keep your bookmark customized on your AOL gold and safe the internet with high security.
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How to download AOL desktop gold Windows? When you will start the procedure to download AOL desktop gold on your computer. First of all you will have to look for the below points and then you can further proceed to downloading procedure. You can opt any option that is given below and start the downloading the AOL gold application.

  • If you are an AOL advantage plan membership.
  1. You will have to click on My Benefits page.
  2. Select “All products” and tap on “AOL desktop gold.”
  3. Now click on download button.
  • If you have trial or subscription version of AOL gold.
  1. Sign in to My Account page > My services > Subscription.
  2. Now click on get started under “AOL desktop gold.”
  • If you have confirmation email from official AOL sign up confirmation.
  1. Open the email and tap on the download link.
  2. Tap on “Download AOL desktop gold.”
  3. Now locate the download folders and click on save button.
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How to download AOL desktop gold on Mac?

Mac is the most popular device used by many people and if you are one of them and want to download the AOL gold on Mac. You should go through the given steps those are described below. To download AOL desktop gold on Mac you should ensure that you have an accurate system requirement for downloading this software.

Steps for downloading AOL desktop gold

  • Open the confirmation email of the AOL desktop gold
  • Then you will have to click on the download link.
  • Tap on downloaded files and then enter the AOL username & password.
  • Now you have successfully downloaded the AOL desktop gold software on Mac.
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AOL Desktop Gold Troubleshooting

For installation of your AOL desktop gold you need to locate the downloaded file. Then you can follow the installation steps those are given over here. You can go through the installation step one by one. You should also make sure that the system requirement meets to your operating system to avoid install error. Now have a glance on the given steps those are explained here.

  1. Click on the download folder of your computer.
  2. Then select the AOL desktop icon of your computer.
  3. Double click on the install AOL gold software
  4. Tap to run the file.
  5. Now click on install button.
  • Unable to install AOL desktop gold on Mac.
  • Trouble to download AOL gold windows 8.
  • Error to reinstall AOL gold software.
  • Technical fault to update the AOL desktop.
  • The AOL gold icon is missing from desktop.
  • How to reinstall the AOL desktop gold on your windows 10?
  • How to fix downloading error of AOL gold?
  • Unable to update the AOL desktop gold.
  • How to fix the Upgrading error of AOL desktop?
  • Not able to upgrade AOL desktop software on windows.
  • AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104
  • How to fix the freezing error of AOL desktop gold on your computer?
  • AOL gold icon is not responding, how to fix that?
  • AOL Gold Automatic update not working

As you found that there are so many snags appear with AOL desktop and you are in trouble because you cannot fix the error. You can connect to experts for assistance anytime when you want because these experts are always ready to help their customers. You can avail their services 24x7 means all the time without time limitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The AOL desktop gold is a software interface that has been by many users. But sometimes it happens that the AOL gold user stuck in trouble such as AOL desktop stop to work, or not responding. In order to troubleshoot the snags of the AOL gold, you will have to follow the instructions step by step.
  1. Turn off your computer for 5 minutes.
  2. Press the power button and turn it on.
  3. Click on AOL desktop gold and try to open it.
  4. Uninstall AOL desktop gold.
  5. Reinstall AOL gold software on windows.
Answer: It often happens that the AOL desktop users face some snags while downloading the software on Windows 10. So now you are one of them and you want assistance for fixing the downloading error. You should try these steps for resolving this software downloading trouble.
  1. Check the interconnection of your windows 10.
  2. Delete cookies and caches from your device.
  3. Change the browser settings and re-try to download AOL gold software.
Answer: If you want assistance because the AOL gold icon is missing from the shortcuts of Windows 8. You should try the simple and tricky instructions that are suggested by the experts to get back your AOL desktop icon on the computer.
  1. Click on the system tray of your computer screen.
  2. Now locate the AOL gold icon from the hidden item list.
  3. Do right click and then you will get an option to create a shortcut.
  4. Select the option “create a shortcut on the desktop.”
  5. Click to save the changes on Ok.
Answer: Well, getting an error while sending an email is common trouble for everyone but if you have installed the AOL desktop gold and still having an issue. You should follow the given simple steps to resolve the email sending error in a jiffy.
  1. Ensure that you are using pop-up blocking software and if your answer is yes, then you should disable it.
  2. Delete the caches, cookies, footprints, and history of the browser.
  3. Try to open AOL desktop gold on another browser.
  4. Restart your computer and resend the email message.
Answer: Yes I can help you for the trouble you are facing with AOL desktop gold installation. First of all, you will have to ensure that your Mac OS has 9.0 or higher version, now follow the given steps.
  1. Locate the downloaded file of AOL desktop gold.
  2. Now click and run the file.
  3. The tap on install now.
  4. Ensure that you are now able to install AOL gold software.
Answer: Often the users of AOL desktop complains that the icon of AOL gold is missing from Mac display shortcut. If you face the same trouble and want to recover the software, then you should follow the instructions.
  1. Click on the system tray of the taskbar of the Mac display.
  2. Now right click on the triangle icon.
  3. Select the option to create the desktop shortcut.
  4. Now you will get back the AOL desktop icon on Mac.
Answer: You can update the software AOL desktop gold on your Mac, but for that process, you will have to follow the instructions. You should go through the given steps one by one.
  1. You will have to just close the AOL desktop.
  2. Then reopen it.
  3. AOL desktop gold has an automatic update feature, so you can follow the above steps in every couple of days.
Answer: If you are facing slow performance of AOL desktop on your Mac, then there may be some couple of reasons. You should try to fix all these issues and then can resolve the slow performance of AOL desktop gold software.
  1. You will have to restart the Mac computer.
  2. Then disable all non-essential programs on Mac.
  3. Only enable the essential startup programs of the Mac computer.
  4. Now check the performance of AOL desktop gold.