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AOL Desktop Gold won’t connect to the Internet
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What if the world famous desktop software is denying to connect with your internet? What would you do in a condition like that? You can’t use the application till the time network issue is not fixed. One of the first thing that any normal user will do when they any issue while using this desktop software is download AOL Desktop Gold setup file again on your system and then you can install it.

Causes of AOL Desktop Gold not connecting to the Internet

In order to troubleshoot the issue of AOL Desktop Gold not connecting with the internet you first need to know the root cause of the problem:

1. Cause – Operating System

When you’re Internet Explorer and Chrome cannot connect with internet but your Mozilla Firefox web browser can.

2. Cause – Settings of your computer

Are you not able to connect with AOL Desktop Gold using your own computer? But when you tried to connect it via another computer you were successful. If this happens then there might be something wrong with your computer settings.

3. Cause – Issue with ISP/ Router and Network

If the above two causes are not responsible for your condition then there might be some issue going on with your broadband connection or routers too.

Solution Steps for fixing the issue of AOL Gold not connecting to the internet

If you have found the exact cause which is responsible for your desktop software not connecting with the internet then you can jump on the process where you will execute the solutions steps:

1. Solution: Enable the settings of Automatic LAN detect

The steps mentioned here are applicable for all the browsers. So users using any web browser can use these steps:

  • Open your regular web browser say for example Google Chrome
  • And click on the gear icon which is present on the top left corner
  • Now from the list of options available choose ‘Settings’
  • A new window will open up here you need to look down for the ‘Advanced’ option. Now click on it to open it.
  • Now click on System then tap on the option of ‘Open Proxy Settings’
  • Then in Internet properties windows select Connection and click on the button of LAN Setting
  • You have to recheck whether the checkbox of ‘Automatically detect setting’ is enabled or not and don’t forget to uncheck the checkbox of ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’.

2. Solution: Disable the internet protected Mode

One must temporarily disable this feature as it is known for preventing certain add-ons to open up and hamper your work.

  • Open Google Chrome browser of your computer
  • Now click on gear icon> Settings> Click on Advanced options
  • Tap on System> click on Proxy settings> Security
  • Here you need to uncheck the box of ‘Enhanced protected mode’

These steps maybe same for all browser but the process may vary from browser to browser. Even after applying these solution steps if the problem is not resolved. Then you have to install AOL Desktop Gold again on your system by downloading the latest version of this software from its official website.

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